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Compare the Australian Feedbase Monitor (AFM) and PastureKey?

The table below explains the difference between the Australian Feedbase Monitor and the Cibolabs PastureKey service.

The Australian Feedbase Monitor (AFM) is a joint MLA/Cibo Labs initiative which provides every MLA Member with free access to estimates of whole of property pasture biomass, ground cover and woody cover. This tool provides producers with an understanding of feedbase trends across their property with the added ability to look at historical estimates.
The Cibo Labs PastureKey service provides high resolution, paddock level estimates of pasture biomass (kg DM/ha). This is a paid annual subscription service which enables producers to take their forage budgeting and feedbase management to the next level.




Australian Feedbase Monitor (AFM)

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Take your forage budgeting to the next level!

Resolution 80m resolution. 10m resolution.
Frequency of estimates 5-daily Pasture Biomass Total Standing Dry Matter (TSDM - kg/ha) estimates displayed as a 30-day rolling median. 5-daily and 15-day rolling median  TSDM estimates displayed as a 15-day rolling median in the Web interface + All 5-daily TSDM estimates provided in a data folder/excel spreadsheets.
Cost Free for MLA members ($99/yr for Non-Members). Currently only available to producers with valid  LPA User ID and Property Identification Code (PIC). Annual subscription (Price based on size and number of properties). CLICK HERE for more details.
Level of Information Property level (based on land parcels) analysis for strategic planning and decision making. Property and paddock level (based on fencelines/custom areas) for each farm with a subscription for tactical decision making. 
Layers Provided TSDM, time-series graphs back to 2017, Ground Cover, Woody Cover. TSDM (kg DM/ha), Ground Cover, Fractional Cover, Monthly Change, Traffic Light FOO maps, NDVI + Data folder for all imagery captured on your farm.
Other View  imagery for every farm in Australia back to early 2017 and the last ~30 years for ground cover and woody cover.

Integration with Agriwebb, Pairtree, CERES tags and FarmBot.

Forage Budgeting Spreadsheet templates provided.

Ability to 'back process' historical 10m resolution TSDM data.

Access to premium support.


For more information about our PastureKey Service CLICK HERE

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